Artisan Custom Switch Plates is an artistic specialty painting service company.  Roberta Ahrens, with her 30 years experience in fine finish applications, can transform your switch plates and outlets. From the ordinary every day white or vanilla basic plate, to an extraordinary finished touch in your new kitchen backsplash installation. Matching all types of decorative tile, spectacular granite slabs, beautiful subtle marble and stone, Roberta’s color expertise is unmatched in the Bay Area.You’ll love the results!  Now you see em’…now you don’t! 

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THE  “Marbleizing” or "Matching Artwork" process

Each unit (plate and corresponding switch or outlet) is lightly sanded, primed with a shellac based primer. Colors are then matched and each piece is hand painted, or “ marbleized” perfectly match the characteristics of your stone, wood or specialty tiles.  2 coats of flat, satin, semigloss or gloss finish are applied to match the final finish of the surface. Minimum order of $350.00 for up to 10 units to perfectly match the characteristics of your stone, wood or specialty tiles. Charges of $125.00 per hour for additional complexity of design, including grout lines, metallics, ornamental decoration etc. may apply.
W H A T   YOU   N E E D   T O   D O :

Take 2 photos straight on from 4' away and 2 photos of the entire kitchen.
150.00 deposit is required to schedule onsite work.

  • Send all units to be painted, including: plates, outlets, switches & screws!
  • 2 samples of your stone, tile or wood. A 12"x12" piece is best.
  • If small tiles, send a good assortment.
  • High resolution images of where each unit will be placed.
  • Payment in full 350.00 minimum is due at this time.
  • Please send a return shipping lable with your package.


  • Milage charges of .55 per mile over 25 miles from Petaluma, California. 
  • *A unit equals each single switch or outlet
  • add $10 per additional outlet or switch.
  • Double plates add $10,
  • Triple plates add $20 etc.
  • Please send a return shipping label if sending units to me.

Send deposit to:
1459 Ivy Lane Petaluma, Ca 94954

Make checks payable to Roberta Ahrens

Or pay here: 

Please use this button when paying deposit for onsite work.

Please use this button when paying in full for Studio/ship work.

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Please use this as a guide for pricing.

Single $35  Double $45  Triple $55 etc....

Up and beyond minimum of 10 singles.